Dorset Coastal Walks – Get Your Dose of the Coast


Arguably the most photographed and famous landmark in the UK, Lulworth is certainly an awe-inspiring sight all year round and is without a doubt one of the best Dorset coastal walks. Located in Lulworth, south Dorset, the cove is part of the iconic Jurassic coastline.  This beautiful limestone arch was formed after powerful waves eroded the rock, eventually forging a hole straight through the centre. The  crystal clear ocean makes a mesmerising sight – its the perfect area for snorkelling and swimming.

If you fancy a fairly short and thrilling walk along dramatic coastline, park up at Lulworth village and walk the 1.7 miles to Durdle Door. The views won’t disappoint so remember to bring your camera.

Top tips: This is hugely popular area throughout the year (particularly in the summer) and tourists travel from all over to visit. Try to arrive as early as you can to get a slice of the view all to yourself.


This breath-taking gem of a beach is about as wild as they come. Chapman’s Pool is a rugged cove snuggled in the depths of the Isle of Purbeck and may well be Dorset’s best kept secret. Unlike Lulworth, it’s not as easy to get to. This can be a bonus if you prefer a bit of a challenge and enjoy taking in scenery without a hoard of tourists around you. You’ll find a huddle of old fishing huts to the left of the bay and a few scattered boats which add to its tranquil, off-the-beaten-track charm.

The access Chapman’s Pool is through the picturesque village of Worth Mathravers, followed by a walk through farmlands and stunning descending coastline. Be prepared for a bit of a stomp and bring plenty of water and snacks. The area really does have a fascinating, isolated feel.

Top tips: Look out for fossils! Treat yourself to a tasty pie and pint in the Square & Compass after your hike.


This sheltered bay is the ideal location for fossil hunting, rock pooling, diving and surfing. Formed over 155 million years ago, Kimmeridge Bay began as a floor of deep sea that teemed with prehistoric creatures. This magnificent bay is now understandingly classed as Outstanding Natural Beauty with historic status. With its chunky wave-cut platform made up of slab stones and rock pools, it certainly is an unusual and impressive sight. Where you’re into sea sports, or simply prefer hunting for ancient fossils, Kimmeridge Bay is certainly is one of Dorset’s top coastal areas.


This spectacularly scenic headland is a must to check-off on your Dorset itinerary.  Situated just outside of Bournemouth in Southbourne, this ancient area boasts a nature reserve and jaw-dropping panoramic views Dorset. Hengisbury Head’s history dates right back to the Stone Age.

Choose between 3 different ways to get there –  either hop on the little boat across from Mudeford harbour (an fun experience in itself), catch a ride on the little toy train (great if you have children) or stroll through the winding woodland via Southbourne.

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