Karimunjawa Island – Top Things To Do

Karimunjawa Island – Top Things To Do

Pristine white sand beaches, coral and marine life, mangrove forests and a thriving fishing industry. Karimunjawa Island really is an unspoilt paradise. If you’re looking to get away from the hectic hustle and bustle of inland Java and dose up on vitamin sea, this place is the answer.

Here are some of my top suggestions of top things to do if you’re heading over to Karimunjawa.

Island hopping and snorkelling.

An absolute must. Ask your hotel or guesthouse to arrange an island hopping and snorkelling tour (half or full day) and you won’t be disappointed. You’ll set off on a traditional boat and stop off at various snorkelling spots along the way. We were lucky enough to see tons of turtles on our trip! Enjoy a tasty lunch of fresh seafood and vegetables on one of the smaller islands.

Visit Anda Beach

This pristine, white-sand stretch of beach truly gives destinations like the Maldives a run for its money. It’s one of the quieter stretches of beach, possibly because you cannot find any information about it anywhere. Whilst not the best swimming beach as the water is a little shallow, it is the perfect place to catch some rays and tuck into a good book. Chances are you won’t see another soul, except perhaps a distant fisherman out on the water.

Watch the sunset from Blue Coral guesthouse

Blue Coral guesthouse, situated to the south of the island, has a lovely floating jetty that boasts stunning sunsets views. We stayed here for a few nights and were mesmerised by the dreamy skies every evening. Not staying there? No worries, just buy a drink or two from their fridge, grab a cushion and relax. The guesthouse  also offers full body massages by the jetty – I can vouch they are VERY good.

Go Diving

Soft and hard corals of all colours, turtles, morays, pufferfish, angel fish, clams and clown fish – there’s oodles of life down in Kairmunjawa’s big blue. We went a local diving centre called Salma Dive Shop. Our dive instructor, who went by the name of ‘Black’, was the perfect dive buddy and helped us spot a ton of sea life. We went on both a reef dive and wreck dive in a day for a very reasonable price. Check the forecast and pick a calm day to get the best visibility.

Hire a moped

It really is the best way to explore the island. You certainly won’t find yourself in any traffic! This is the perfect way to find yourself your own private beach. Moped day hire will only set you back around 70-75,000 rupiah a day (around £4). Most guesthouses and hotels offer this service.

Watch the sunset from Love Hill

The official Love Hill is an impressive view point complete with panoramic views of the island. It also features a bar and some Flintstones style sculptures (seen below). It’s a nice spot to grab a beer and lose track of time. There is a small charge of 10,000 rupiah (0.53p) to head up to the platform – a small price to pay for a well maintained area. Didn’t get quite the sunset shot you were after? Keep your ticket and you can return as many times as you want.

Visit the other Love Hill.

Yes, there is another Love Hill – confusing! Found next to Annora Beach, ‘Love Hill’ 2 is a more ramshackle version perhaps but definitely worth a visit for the scenery. Walk up small, winding hill and you’ll find jaw-dropping views of pristine coral reef. There’s also plenty of empty swings for those after the perfect Instagram snap.

Eat at the night market

A busy market takes place every night on the island and here you’ll find an abundance of the freshest fish and seafoods.. think red snapper, tuna, squid, prawns, mussels – it’s all here to choose from. Pick a fish from one of the market ladies and it will be barbecued right there and then. Trust me, it’s ridiculously delicious and very budget friendly.

Check out my video below to see my highlights from Karimunjawa Island and the rest of Java!

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