Things To Do in Malta – The Island You Can’t Help But Fall in Love With

Things to do in Malta – here’s a list my top suggestions if you’re planning on heading to this beautiful island.

Explore the capital, Valletta

Spend a day exploring the 16th century capital, Valletta. This small but perfectly formed city boasts beautiful Baroque architecture, a stunning backdrop to Mediterranean sea and an abundance of quaint cafes and wine bars. It’s no wonder this European city is classed as a world heritage site.

Go Diving

Whether you’re slightly curious about delving underneath the big blue or an expert diver, Malta is an amazing place to dive deep. The visibility is fantastic and depending on the time of year you choose to visit, you can find all sorts of underwater creatures. Think turtles, dolpins, squid, eels…

Recommended Dive School: Go Dive

Explore ‘The Silent City’ Mdina

Be sure to visit old capital Mdina (‘The Silent City’) and you won’t be disappointed. Its history traces back more than 4000 years and according to the tradition, it was the place the Apostle St.Paul is said to have lived after being shipwrecked. Be warned though, you’ll have to resist getting your camera out every 5 minutes – this beautiful little town is an Instagrammers dream.

Cliff jump at St Peter’s Pool

For all you adrenaline junkies out there, Malta has a great spot for cliff jumping. St Peter’s Pool is a sparkling, aqua blue natural body of water near Marsaxlokk village, at the tip of Delimara Point.

Launching yourself off a rock not your thing? Just perch up on the edge of the rocks, set up camp and spend the day snorkelling and catching the rays. Blissful.

Try some traditional Maltese food

Rustic and bursting with flavour, trying the traditional Maltese food is a must if you’re visiting the island. From the freshest Lampuka fish straight out of the ocean, to Rabbit Stew, the island has dishes destined to tickle your tastebuds.

Traditional Maltese restaurant worth noting: Il-Merill (Sliema)

Get to know the history

Immerse yourself in the islands mysterious history – Malta has over 7,000 years of it after all. Visit St Paul’s Grotto, Catacombs, World War II Shelters and the Wignacourt Museum. The Catacombs are the largest late Roman underground cemetery in Malta . They are a complex of interconnected, underground Roman cemeteries which, according to records were using up to 4th century AD.

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