Top 7 Things To Do in Kefalonia

Oh Kefalonia, where do we start? For such a small island, Kefalonia has a huge amount to offer. Here are some top ‘must dos’ if you’re heading to Greek paradise.

Myrtos Beach

The picture says it all – famed as one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, it would be a crime not to visit Myrtos whilst holidaying on the island. The drive down is steep and windy (you’ll probably want to stop at every corner for photographs) but you’ll be blessed with crystal clear turquoise water on arrival with white pebbles and soft sand. Perfect.

Rent a boat (and find your own private beach!)

If you really want to get away from it all and explore the coastline at your own leisure, hire a boat. I recommend the company ‘Yellow Boats’ in Agia Efmia. After a little training session you’ll set out to the sea with the choice of 12 stunning beaches and coves to visit. These beautiful beaches come in all shapes in sizes and most can only be accessed via the sea. Moor up, catch some rays on the boat (a cool box is provided for your food and drink) and snorkel with the fish. We somehow managed to stumble across a little bay used in the film, Captain Corelli’s Mandolin.

Scuba Diving

If you’ve always loved snorkeling and fancy delving a little deeper, why not give scuba diving a try? With its incredibly clear waters and interesting aquatic life, Kefalonia is an excellent diving destination. There are plenty of highly reputable companies on the island, for example Aquatic Dive School in Agia Efmia. Have an unforgettable experience under water with a friendly, professional bunch. If you’ve already got your Open Water certificate you’ll be spoilt for choice with the dive sites.

Melissini Cave

Melissini Cave, located on the northwest side of the island, is a true miracle of nature. It’s essentially an underground lake filled with twinkling aqua blue water. If you go on a clear day around noon, you’ll see the sun beaming down and striking the water, creating a magical atmosphere. This tourist hot-spot hasn’t always had a skylight as it is a result of the ceiling collapsing in 1953 after the earthquake. It’s just 7 euros per person to take the boat trip around the cave.

Visit Assos

A quaint, picturesque village with bags of charm, Assos is a peaceful paradise nestled in a horse-shoe shaped bay. Here you’ll find pebbled beaches, traditional architecture, blossoming flowers and colourful houses. The village is home to the largest castle in Kefalonia, built in the 16th century. A gem of a place, geared for long lazy days chilling by the water after trekking up to the historic fortress.

Quad biking

If you prefer something a little more adrenaline pumping than cruising around in a car, quad biking is always a fun option. All you’ll need is a valid driving licence and you’re away.

Feeling the wind on your face whilst razzing up the dusty mountain roads is a pretty wonderful. We didn’t realise until we arrived in Kefalonia that you need a special motorbike licence to drive mopeds over 50cc, so the quad was the only option in our price bracket – it didn’t disappoint!

Cooking lessons

If you’re after an authentic Greek cooking experience, look no further than Chez Vassiliki.

We were fortunate enough to attend a class on our second night in Kefalonia. The experience is run by hosts, Vassilki and her husband George in their home, situated in a tiny hamlet called Karavados in the Livathos county. Expect mouth-watering food and amazing company.

Top tips if staying in Agia Efmia 

Where to stay: Villa Kirki apartmentsGabriel Houses

Where to eat: Paradise Beach restaurant, Pergola, Sea Rocks restaurant 

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