Hi, I’m Mattea.


I’m a travel documentary/lifestyle photographer from the South Coast, U.K with a passion for meaningful storytelling. I’ve been fortunate to have my work published in Monster Children and Dumbo Feather magazines and have been exhibited in both Germany, Israel and Greece. View my portfolio here.

What do I blog about?

  • Travel advice for destinations all over the world
  • My own travel experiences and stories
  • Money saving tips for budget backpackers
  • Trustworthy reviews (accommodation, companies, tours etc)

Photography Exhibitons (group):

July 2019 | PENDULUM ‘Hopes and Fears’ | KulturMarkt Halle | Curated by Rom Barne | Berlin, Germany

July 2019 | PENDULUM ‘Hopes and Fears’ | Cuckoo’s Nest | Curated by Rom Barne | Jaffa, Israel

November 2019 | Abandoned Buildings | Blank Wall Gallery | Curated by Maria Toutoudaki | Athens, Greece

Recently published work:

Dumbo Feather – story and photography

Monster Children – interview on Tribal Nations photo project

Our Place magazine – cover story and article, Te Puna Quarry Park 

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